The Eco-Quartier de la Gare Residential project

Habitations Trigone


The Eco-quartier de la Gare project is located alongside boulevard du Quartier, at the intersection of rue Châteauneuf.

Project overview
  • Roughly 1,400 dwellings
  • Multifamily buildings of 5 to 130 housing units
  • Height from 2½ to 8 stories
  • Construction of rue Châteauneuf and two local streets
  • Recreational spaces
  • Bicycle paths, trails, sidewalks and bicycle parking spaces
  • White roofs on buildings with flat roofs
  • Tree planting
  • Recharging stations for electric vehicles
  • Projected private car-sharing system



Map of real estate projects in the C section (Available in French - click to enlarge)


Follow the project’s progress in the Urban Infrastructures section | C section - TOD Quartier, of the Info-Travaux page on our web site. 
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