The Eco-Quartier de la Gare Residential project

Habitations Trigone
The Eco-quartier de la Gare project, located along Boulevard du Quartier, is a multi-family residential project featuring approximately 1,400 dwellings grouped into buildings of 5 to 150 housing units, ranging in height from 2 1/2 to 8 stories. These buildings are already authorized in this location under current zoning regulations

The new rue de Châteauneuf as well as two local streets will serve the area. The overall project plan and the subdivision plan were approved in spring 2016. Detailed approvals of the building architecture and the landscaping are underway. Construction of certain buildings began in spring 2017 and will extend over a period of years (phased project development).

The promoter, Trigone Habitations, will assume the infrastructure costs of its project, including the local residential streets.
The project will include common recreational spaces for relaxation, playing games and community gardens, as well as multiple trails, sidewalks and parking spaces for bicycles. It also includes such environmental initiatives as white roofs for large buildings, the planting of a significant number of trees, installation of charging stations for electric vehicles and a private car sharing system.

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