Du Quartier Overpass


Ville de Brossard is planning to construct a new Highway 10 overpass to connect the two segments of boulevard du Quartier and directly link the “C” section of the city with the Quartier DIX30. This structure will include two lanes for automobile traffic,
a sidewalk and a one-way bicycle path, in each direction. Work is anticipated to begin in February 2018.

Benefits of the project
  • This overpass will provide a seamless transit corridor between the cities of the Longueuil Urban Agglomeration.
  • In addition to connecting boulevard du Quartier, the project will improve traffic flow and the accessibility of the “L” and “C” sectors, in addition to improving the peace of these neighbourhoods by reducing undesirable transit traffic.
The prosperity and sustainability of existing and future developments in the sector, located in a TOD area alongside the REM train corridor, will depend on this important infrastructure. * Transit-Oriented Development is real estate development focused around public transit.

Comment, Suggestions and Questions
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