Property Subject to Sale Under the Cities and Towns Act , a municipality can put up for sale an immovable property for default on payment of property taxes. This provides recourse to recover any taxes which are the subject of a tax assessment roll, that is: Gene... 2018-06-18 11:57:28 AM
  Free off-peak transportation on the RTL network offered by the Ville de Brossard  to its citizens age 65 and over   Brossard seniors, age 65 and over, are now eligible for free travel on Longueuil (RTL) buses during off-peak hours .   Here's how you can get the n...–-Acces-65-hors-pointe.aspx 2014-12-16 2:58:28 PM
Info-environnement Providing a healthy environment for people, both today and in future, is one of the Ville de Brossard priorities. The laws we enforce, the awareness-raising activities we conduct and the practical advice you will find in this section are just a few ex... 2014-04-17 8:54:21 AM
Musical shows and theater for young audience, you will be amazed by the quality and the diversity of the cultural programming presented to the centre socioculturel Alphonse Lepage. Online ticket purchase Purchase your tickets online by clicking on the icon. POINT...!.aspx 2014-10-16 2:59:55 PM
New Urban Development Plan and By-Laws In Effect A new milestone was achieved on December 6, 2016 with the adoption by Ville de Brossard of the new Plan d’urbanisme (urban development plan) and related planning by-laws. These by-laws entered into force on January 20, 2017... 2015-10-29 10:56:48 AM
  During summer 2016, the City's Comité famille et aînés (Family and Seniors Committee) will undertook a broad citizen consultation as part of rewriting its Family Policy and developing a new 2017-2019 Action Plan.To assist in developing this policy, which will include all a... 2016-07-05 3:22:11 PM
FAMILY Subsidy The City of Brossard offers a 50% subsidy on the cost of washable diapers, up to a total of $100 per child. What is a washable diaper? A washable diaper is made of fabric—typically, cotton, bamboo, hemp or microfibre. It can be adjusted to the chi... 2017-08-04 11:00:53 AM
Ville de Brossard consult the population The members of the municipal council have not made any final decisions about cannabis consumption within the city. The provisions of provincial law will apply for the moment. In order to make an informed decision, your elected offici... 2018-10-17 9:40:07 AM
From January 11 to March 3   MARIE MONTIEL | ALTER EGO Title : Piteux Pitou I et II OIL Marie Montiel’s work is centred on the similarities between the emotions and attitudes of humans and animals. Through her paintings, she invites us to observe the parallels be...,-on-les-expose!/Espace-Mur-mur-des-arts-NOUVEAU-!.aspx 2014-12-22 2:22:41 PM
Something is considered to be a nuisance when it troubles the well-being of a living being or an ecosystem. A nuisance can range from a slight inconvenience to a severe problem. Exposure to dust, noise, light pollution, and the presence of invasive species or ragweed within ... 2015-09-03 11:32:34 AM
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