During summer 2016, the City's Comité famille et aînés (Family and Seniors Committee) will undertook a broad citizen consultation as part of rewriting its Family Policy and developing a new 2017-2019 Action Plan.To assist in developing this policy, which will include all a... 2016-07-05 3:22:11 PM
New Urban Development Plan and By-Laws In Effect A new milestone was achieved on December 6, 2016 with the adoption by Ville de Brossard of the new Plan d’urbanisme (urban development plan) and related planning by-laws. These by-laws entered into force on January 20, 2017... 2015-10-29 10:56:48 AM
Musical shows and theater for young audience, you will be amazed by the quality and the diversity of the cultural programming presented to the centre socioculturel of Brossard. Online ticket purchase Starting August 30 , purchase your tickets online by clicking on the ...!.aspx 2014-10-16 2:59:55 PM
Winter parking in Brossard Last December, the City of Brossard notified residents that parking vehicles overnight in the streets of Brossard in winter was henceforth allowed, except when snow-clearing operations take place (by-law REG-300). The Ville de Brossard ... 2016-11-21 4:31:14 PM
PLEASE NOTE THAT THE RENEWALOF THESE SUBSIDY PROGRAMS FOR 2018 IS IN EVALUATION. FAMILY Subsidy The City of Brossard offers a 50% subsidy on the cost of washable diapers, up to a total of $100 per child. What is a washable diaper? A washable diaper is made ... 2017-08-04 11:00:53 AM
Free off-peak transportation on the RTL network offered by the Ville de Brossard  to its citizens age 65 and over   Brossard seniors, age 65 and over, are now eligible for free travel on Longueuil (RTL) buses during off-peak hours .   Here's how you can get the ne...–-Acces-65-hors-pointe.aspx 2014-12-16 2:58:28 PM
Something is considered to be a nuisance when it troubles the well-being of a living being or an ecosystem. A nuisance can range from a slight inconvenience to a severe problem. Exposure to dust, noise, light pollution, and the presence of invasive species or ragweed within ... 2015-09-03 11:32:34 AM
Domestic Composting A domestic composter is an excellent method to dispose of green waste by turning it into compost—a nutrient-rich fertilizer that you can use on your plants or lawn. To obtain a good compost, it’s important that you use green and brown w... 2014-04-16 9:05:32 PM
Brossard offers a host of sporting, recreational, cultural and tourist activities for residents and visitors alike. There are attractions, entertainment options and shopping areas to suit people of all ages, who will find everything they need to make the most of their leisure ... 2015-01-23 4:09:57 PM
Driving in Parks If you wish to drive on public property with vehicles or equipment in order to access a property where work needs to be done, you must first obtain approval from the Direction de l'urbanisme. A security deposit is required. Driving Leisure Vehicles ... 2015-10-28 3:54:08 PM
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