Cahier des charges techniques générales Politique de gestion contractuelle 2015-05-13 11:04:59 AM
The City offers residents a home pickup service for refrigerators and air-conditioners that no longer work.  Please contact Services Brossard at 450-923-6311 or for more information or to request a pickup. 2015-07-14 2:16:41 PM
Before giving a contract to a snow removal company, make sure they hold a valid snow removal permit issued by the City. THE SNOW REMOVAL PERMIT: IT’S MANDATORY! Any person or company that offers snow removal services to an individual must first obtain a permit. The perm... 2016-12-14 2:06:31 PM 2017-10-12 12:03:10 PM
Information technology provides strategic and operational support to the cities of Brossard, Boucherville and Saint-Lambert in the area of information technologies. Primary mandates : Advise the three cities in the field of information technologies in their econom... 2015-07-14 2:02:53 PM 2018-01-12 9:00:15 AM 2018-01-12 11:07:55 AM 2018-04-23 2:26:50 PM
Plan d’action en environnement 2015-2017 END OF TERM STATUS REPORT         Based on the City's environmental policy, the Plan d'action en environnement 2015-2017 (environmental action plan) was adopted by the municipal council in December 2015. Priority actions were i... 2015-05-13 11:05:53 AM
During the most recent municipal elections that were held on November 5, 2017, Mrs. Doreen Assaad was elected as the second female mayor in Ville de Brossard’s history, in addition to becoming the City’s first mayor to preside over a gender parity city council. Doreen currentl... 2018-03-07 9:00:40 AM
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