Physical Activities

  The City of Brossard, along with its official organizations and neighbourhood associations (LNDB, LSAB and ARJB), offers residents a host of sports and fitness options to suit all tastes. There is also a broad range of aquatic activities. Whether it’s team sports or individual exercise, Brossard provides a comprehensive selection of physical activities for people of all ages.  

To obtain more details about available classes and activities, consult the Mon Loisard guide.

List of Physical Activities

• Aquatic activities for pre-schoolers, children, teenagers and adults
• Aquatic activity lessons
• Aquatic activities for staying in shape
• Freestyle aquatic activities
• Competitive swimming
• Synchronized swimming
• Diving
• Physical conditioning:
◦ Cardio salsa
◦ Cardio dance
◦ Strollercise
◦ Tae Bo
◦ Zumba
• Pilates
• Climbing
• Freestyle skating
• Figure skating
• Racket sports:
◦ Badminton
◦ Tennis
◦ Table tennis
• Meditation
• Yoga
• Martial arts:
 ◦ Judo
◦ Karate
◦ Shaolin kung fu
◦ Taekwondo
◦ Tai chi
• Weightlifting
• Archery : membership and B-CITI
• Aerial silk
• Hockey
• Soccer