Galerie Renée-Blain

November 18 to December 16 2018

ANNABELLE NICOLE | Grandeur nature

GERNOT NEBEL | Le fleuve et ses rives...

Vernissage of works, November 18, at 2:00 p.m. 
Café-rencontre during Salon des métiers d'arts, November 25, at 2:00 pm


Title:  Cellules (détail) | Annabelle Nicole


Title: Vers la route du fleuve (détail) | Gernot Nebel


Annabelle Nicole questions the relationship between humans and nature, combing various practices to evoke evolution, hybridization and mutation. Her refined works translate the presence of emptiness as an overflow of light.


There is mystery in the river’s movement and its beauty that is both infinite and indifferent. Gernot Nebel seeks to recreate this enigmatic dimension of the river, which seems to be motionless but is constantly moving. 


Founded in 1993, Galerie Renée-Blain’s mission is to promote the visual arts as well as other cultural trends and to make quality programming available to residents of Brossard and the surrounding area. A venue for artists from the region and elsewhere to display their work, Galerie Renée-Blain helps increase the visibility of up-and-coming talent. This municipal space is supported by the active involvement of volunteers, who greet and guide visitors.  

Galerie Renée-Blain

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