Pruning, Feeling and Tree Waste

Owners of ash trees must obtain a permit, available free of charge at the Service Brossard counter (at city hall), before cutting or pruning their trees.

According to municipal regulations:
It is prohibited to prune or fell any variety of ash tree (genus fraxinus), between March 15 and October 1, except in the following cases:
  • The tree constitutes a threat to the health or safety of persons or property;
  • The tree represents a nuisance or may cause damage to public or private property;
  • The tree makes it impossible to carry out construction, use, improvements or work authorized by the City.
How do I dispose of my tree waste?
Since Brossard became part of the CFIA regulated area and in order to comply with that regulation, the City amended its residual materials management by-law (REG-126)

It is now prohibited for the citizens to place on the street, for the regular garbage collection, any branches, tree trimmings or waste, grass or garden waste. These residues are the subject of specific collections, planned for specific dates. Take note that the landfill site for household garbage collections is located at St-Nicéphore, near Drummondville, outside the regulated area

For more details on the schedule and conditions of these collections, visit the residual materials page.
Important: Considering that one of the main causes of the rapid spread of the emerald ash borer is the transport of wood materials (branches, trunks, etc.), poor management of your tree trimmings will in effect promote the spread of the emerald ash borer within the City of Brossard. Here are alternative ways for you to dispose of your tree waste (branches, trimmings, logs) in a responsible manner:
  • Municipal Collections. Please consult the  Waste Materials section for the schedule of various types of waste collections available.
  • Ecocentres
  • Chip your residues on the spot after cutting.