Combat through Prevention

To prevent problems linked to the emerald ash borer (EAB), there are other ways than destroying trees to fight the proliferation of the insect.
  • TreeAzin: TreeAzin is a pesticide, produced from an extract of the seeds of the neem tree, used as a preventive to counter EAB infestations. Note that this pesticide should be applied by a licensed professional. For more information and a list of approved professionals, please click the following link: Link to the Treatment tab
  • Biological control: There exist biological control agents for the EAB, including two species of parasitic Asian wasps and an entomopathogenic fungus (Beauveria bassiana). If the results obtained are conclusive, these control methods could be generalized to the rest of the country and contain the spread of the EAB or even eradicate it. 
  • Avoid moving ash tree residues:  
To prevent the spread of the insect, you must first of all pay particular attention to the handling and use of wood residues from trimming or felling the trees. Remember that Brossard is located in the CFIA regulated area for the emerald ash borer, meaning that it is prohibited to transport green waste and tree trimmings outside the Agglomeration.

To limit the movement of these materials, it is therefore recommended to:
  • Buy firewood locally;
  • Get rid of potentially infested wood materials in a safe and responsible manner in compliance with the CFIA's instructions;
  • Be vigilant and promptly report any signs of new infestations observed on ash trees.