Automated Alert System

The City has acquired a system that enables it to send phone messages to all residents when there is an alert or an emergency situation. The recorded message is triggered automatically by means of voice recognition. It can also be left as a voicemail message.

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IMPORTANT: The City would like to notify you promptly in the event of a situation that represents an immediate or imminent threat. For that reason, we strongly recommend that you indicate your email address on the registration form, even though it is not mandatory.

Click on the icon above to obtain your password, create your account and enter your contact information.

Important: You are responsible for managing your account and ensuring that your contact information is always kept up to date.

Mobile Application

A mobile app has been available to everyone since October 2015. This tool will enable you to stay informed via your smartphone in the event of an emergency situation.


Cell Phone

If you wish to be notified about emergency situations via your cell phone, text message or email, please sign up online.