Am I required to have a licence for my dog or my cat in Brossard?

Yes, you are required to obtain a valid licence for your dog or cat. The Animal Control By-Law (REG-219) stipulates that any guardian of a dog or a cat must have an annual licence for that animal in Brossard.  

If my cat is equipped with a microchip, am I required to buy a licence from the city?

No, if your cat is equipped with a microchip, you do not have to buy a licence from the city. The microchip replaces the licence.   

If my cat does not go outside of my house, am I required to buy a licence?

No, the licence is not required if your cat does not go outside your building or your home.  

What is the price of a licence for a dog or cat?

The cost is $35 for a dog and $20 for a cat. Discounts apply with proof of your animal's sterilization and microchipping.
The licence is free for a guide dog.

Where do I buy the licence for a dog or a cat?

You can buy a licence for your animal in three ways:

  • Directly on the new plateform emili
  • At the Services Brossard counter in the lobby of the city hall at 2001, boulevard de Rome, or

  • From the city employee who comes to read your water meter.

How long is a dog or cat licence valid for?

Your animal's licence is valid from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. The licence must be renewed annually.

Am I required to renew my dog or cat's licence each year?

Yes, you must renew the licence of your animal as of July 1st each year.  

Can I be reimbursed for the cost of the licence if I lose my pet's tag?

No, the cost of your animal's licence is not refundable.  

Can I get another tag if I lose my pet's?

Yes, you may purchase a duplicate of your animal's tag for the sum of $10. 

Am I required to move my animal's tag every time I change the collar?

Yes, the By-Law requires that animals must be identified. You must therefore ensure that your dog or cat wears the tag issued by the city  at all times.