Reusable wooden bulky waste collection service

Under the Quebec Policy on Waste Material Management, wood has been banned from landfill sites since 2014. In order to meet Government of Quebec requirements and ensure green management of waste materials, the City of Brossard no longer collects wooden waste during regular garbage collection, however five (5) collections of bulky wooden items per year are now offered to residents.

These collections are offered to all residential buildings in the City of Brossard including buildings exempted from regular garbage collection services.

  • Furniture and other wooden waste must measure at most 2 m in length.
  • Waste must have a maximum volume of 5 m3 per collection.
  • All items must be transportable by two persons, without mechanical equipment.
  • Items must be free of nails and screws (or bend them down).
  • Small items or pieces of wood must be placed in reusable containers.
  • Bags and cardboard boxes are not acceptable. 
  • Items must be put out after 8 p.m. on the eve of, or before 7 a.m. on the day of collection.
​Acceptable materials:
  • Kitchen and bathroom cupboards
  • Melamine
  • Creosoted wood
  • Construction wood
  • Painted, stained or treated wood
  • Wooden fences
  • Kitchen and bathroom counters
  • Plywood
  • MDF
  • Wood furniture (desks, chairs, drawers, tables, bookcases, etc.)
  • Pallets
  • Planks
  • Floating flooring
  • Doors
  • Wood without any glass, plastic or shingles
Not acceptable materials
  • branches and tree trimmings
  • green waste
  • Trunks

Did you miss a collection?
Try an écocentre!
You can dispose of these materials in a safe, eco-friendly way by bringing them to one of the écocentres. This service is free.
Under the municipal by-law (REG-126) governing the handling of waste materials, the materials listed above and all other materials considered as reusable wooden bulky waste cannot be included in regular garbage collection.